Saturday, February 20, 2010

25 Years On!

I have been inactive for a long while to the extent I almost lost this blog. I somehow managed to reconnect today. In fact I had planned to resume posting last Wednesday for some reasons but that day and date have now passed.

Anyway, it was a memorable weekend last week, being a start to a new Lunar Year. There have been so much discussions on how auspicious and meaningful a Lunar Year is and I do not wish to add to the discussions. At personal level though, it was quite significant for me. Not only for the long weekend but also the timing of it all.

Indeed it coincided with our 25th year Anniversary with my other half. It was a long journey to reach this far. We went through valleys, hilltops, winding and straight roads at one time or other. Together we managed to ride the cold, warm, sorrows and joys of a meaningful relationship. Through all the ups and downs, Thank God, we passed through with not much of bruises and pains. Yet we learned a lot both as individuals as well as, as a pair. No doubt there will be many more lessons to learn as we move to the next phase of parenthood. With our kids and no longer kids in the true sense but grown ups there will be different kind of challenges to face. It will also be the time when we will have to be the guide for new families to be established when the time comes for our kids. With all that, I pray that we will continue to enjoy our remaining life together and hopefully we will be blessed by the Almighty for the next 25 years and beyond.

For all the achievements of the past 25 years, I have my better half to thank to - she is not only a wife and mother to my kids but she is the best friend I have. Thanks so much, Dear!