Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Skin Cinema

I was taking a break after reading The Innocent Man. It takes me some time to really understand how some people are so vulgar and heartless. People who look nice and friendly on the surface but full of hatred, vengeance and revengeful deep down, below the skin. This is especially sad considering those people are those who are supposed to be just, fair and reasonable full of compassion towards another human being within the perimeter of the law. These people wear the uniforms and the robes! It surely is a good comparison with the happenings around us now.

Anyway, while on the prowl high above the sky I came to a large field with lots of people. As I approach the site, it was obvious that the people were busy watching some kind of movie on a huge screeen. It is even bigger than the I-Max Cinema that I have been to. Looks like most people were having lots of fun watching the screen. There were a few who looked confused with the story line. Anyway, I approached one of them to get the story.

It went like this. It is a story set in BL country. The country has been in existence for about half a century. Although there have been hiccups associated with a new nation growing up, none of the citizen were prepared for what happened a few months ago. The country is known as practicing a parliamentary democracy though the meaning of democracy in this country was limited to the fact that a general election is held every four to five years, in accordance to the constitution. All these years there was only one group who gets to govern the country. Almost half of the fifty year period was led by a prime minister known now as TDM. He did bring a lot of physical development to the country but at the expense of cultural and human right values. When he left the scene a few years ago he handed over thehelm of the country to a nice guy, AAB. After some hesitation AAB appointed NR as his deputy. During TDM's administration he got rid a few of his political enemies. The most prominent one was his annointed successor AI who was sacked and jailed for supposedly abuse of power and sodomy. AI spent a good six years in prison and was released after AAB took over when the highest court in the country overturned his earlier conviction.

AI then spent a good period overseas to recuperate and also to reestablish lost contacts with his acquaintances and friends. When he came back he managed to put the opposition groups together to face what was top be another general election, which was held in the first quarter of this year. Due to his time in prison he was barred from any political office until about a month after the GE. His group use every possible issue to gain the support from the masses who were faced with unhappiness due to the rising cost of living, corruptions and abuse of power by the pwoers that be. The citizen of BL were simply fed up and wanted a change. So to the surprise of everyone, AAB lost grip of 4 states to the AI group. The BN government also lost the two third majority in parliament, losing ministers, deputy ministers and head of smaller political parties along the way. The political and administration landscape of the country has been changed. Then the real politics began.

AAB faced a lot of pressure from his own party U to resign. Most wanted him to hand over to NR although there are others who wanted to contest. TDM was furious and continued his attacks on AAB. He managed to get a few of his half past seven supporters to pile up the pressures. He was also lost and did not know what is the best for his beloved U. First he wanted NR to take over then he said NR is upto no good having no principle. Finally he and a few of his gang left U, the party he formed and sulking the fact that many U members just ignored him.

AI on the other hand worked over time to get some of the BN members to cross over so that he could form a new government like in the four states they captured. They formed a loose coalition known as PR. The game is now played for a very high stakes. The manouvering was in earnest. AAB can't afford to lose the government and his face. NR desparately wanted to prevent AI from taking over knowing that AI would probably open a lot of cabinets and chests with lots of skeleton. He simply could not allow it. So, the show gets started.

1. AI filed a report to ACA against MH, the IGP and GP, the AG for their supposed actions many years ago. The guys in ACA started the investigation right away.
2. NR was faced with allegations on being involved with a pretty lady from M land who was killed and blown up. Two of his special force and his close associate/advisor are on trial for the complicity with the murder.
3. NR's involvement was documented first by a certain RP for which he was detained and remanded for a few days. RP said he has all the evidences and wants to reveal everything in the court. This was later affirmed by a PI who worked for NR's advisor early on.
4. The situation is rather hot and could be explosive.
5. Then out of sudden a guy who work with AI made a police report that he was sodomised by AI. This guy was later found to have good access to NR - first he went to seek support for a scholarship after he failed to complete his studies. Then NR said he met with the guy at his home a few days before the sodomy took place because the guy was traumatised and need counselling session from him.
6. The SIL joined in and claimed that AI planned the whole thing to get symphaty for his cause.
7. Then AI was supposed to go to the police station to get his statement recorded as part of the sodomy investigation. He did not turn up because he was served with a court order not to be anywhere near 5 km from the parliament house. Apparently his house is within that 5 km radius. So he was technically under house arrest. He confirmed that he will go at an agreed time on the next available time which was two days later. In between AI went on to debate a minister ASC on a topic relevant to the masses. He was a clear winner to most people. He also went to ACA to have his statement recorded as part of investigation into his earlier report on MH and GP. On the way back he was ambushed by balaclava clad policemen and arrested.
8. In the meantime a side show was inserted with the head of the Immigration arrested for corruption. But many people do not believe the reason. To most people this has everything to do with the missing record of the lady NR was supposed to have liaison with. This cannot be dismissed all together with the replacement being one of the guys from defence ministry which is under NR. People are also wondering why there was no investigation into this missing record and missing explosive used in the crime against the lady.
9. At the end of this episode of the movie show, AI was still going around the country telling people he did not do that terrible act and it was all part of a conspiracy to prevent him from taking over the government.

It is indeed very interesting to see the continuation of this movie - Perhaps in Part 2.

In the mean time I will take another break before I start reading the next book, Double Jeopardy by William Bernhadt.

Oh, in case people are wondering, I list below the full description of the abbreviation used in the Skin Movie above:
TDM - That Dickhead Man
BL - Bull Land
BN - Bully Nazis
PR - People Renaissance
M - Mother
AAB - All About Bullshit
NR - Never Respectable
AI - Artificial Intelligence
IGP - Intelligent Gone Puked
MH - Most Hated
AG - Another Goblok
GP - Greening Pig
ASC - All Sinned Cheek like Harvey Dent in Dark Knight
SIL - Self Inflicted Liar
ACA - All Current Account
U - U, Not Me
RP - Real Prosecutor

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Innocent Man - Closure

I finally completed reading the book. It was like reading a history book. It can get boring with the details on the actual facts. But Grisham did a good job in balancing the facts and the creativity. You would not relise the dividing line. It was a justice done to all Grisham's efforts in coming up with the book. Not less than 18 months of them.

It was indeed surprising how the two guys here were sent to the death row without having anything to do with the crime. Even seasoned lawyer like Grisham was shocked with his discoveries while researching for the book. I can't help but admire those people who fought hard to ensure that justice was finally accorded to the two guys. In fact there have been many similar cases of the Innocents were convicted wrongly. Some we freed while others were not so lucky.

It was a reflection of the justice system no matter where it is on this earth. As Grisham stated in the Author's note, "Wrongful convictions occur every month....and the reasons are all varied and all the same - bad police work, junk science, faulty eyewitness identifications, bad defense lawyers, lazy prosecutors, arrogant prosecutors". In the case of Ron Williamson, the price he had to pay for twelve years of wasted life was very heavy. He suffered and never really recovered. He finally succumb to cancer five years after getting his freedom from the death row. It was rather facinating in spite of his deeds he was full of regrets for the hardship he caused others especially his parents and family. As if his sufferings were to wash and cleanse his soul for the ultimate journey. He was a real example for those entrusted with responsibility to discharge it in the most fair and accountable manner. Nobody should purposely cause the misery unto others.

As a learning process, I highly recommend the book!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Innocent Man - Part 2

When I first started reading the book, I was a little bit aprehensive on how Grisham was going to prtray a real life story into his trade mark novel. It was indeed very slow moving at first but it became like a fiction thriller as you progress with the chapters. What amazed me was the way Grisham handled the various scenarios in real life into a very smooth transition of chapters in the book. You would not really feel that you were reading a real life story. Such a writing skill!

Anyway, it was also disturbing to see the way things were unfolding at the litlle town of ADA. It was anything but fairness, reasonableness and compassion. It was indeed a situation when no one should be subjected to. But then again, it was no different to those happening at many other places in the world, this country included. It is a case when people act at their own whim and fancy for the sake of getting things done.

It is a sad world indeed when the halpless was continuously ignored and abused. When a human being is treated worst than animal. When a person moving to a danger being pushed further and closer to the danger! What kind of human would do such a thing, one wonders! It is a sad state of any society which would allow this; when people close their eyes or look at the other directions. It was red herring in full action. At the end of the day the real victim did not get the justice he or she really deserved!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

What Fed Up?

It was rather sickening to read about a few people who think they are so important in other people's life, saying they are getting fed up with the current political situation in this country now. They wanted to go on strike! They do not want to blog anymore on the two hottest issues being played out now. They wanted to shutdown on people who talk about these two issues. All this while they were supposed to provide an alternative views and now they are complaining! Go to hell! By all means go on strike, shut down others views and go and kick a cat if that makes you guys happy. So what? Who ae you to dictate other peoples life?

Anyway, these people say they are fed up with the politicians actions. Did they ever think of those people affected by the allegations? Their families, friends and relatives? For the past ten years I do not think these jokers can get anywhere near to understand what these 'victims' went though. In the excitement to getting fed up, they forgot the real issue here. The issue of credibility. Why only question one side not both sides? Why the gun is only trained on one target not both? I am sure there are people who wanted this kind of situation to happen i.e. to divert the real issue.

It is a mess indeed but did any of these fed up guys ever ask the question, who started it all?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Big Picture's Puzzle

The Year of the Rat has really been nothing short of excitement! It was rather fitting if one were to look at the current happenings and compare with the famous story of 'Who Moved My Cheese'. It so happened that a pair of rats was also the main protagonist of the story. It demonstrated how the rats were more prepared to face the consequence of losing their cheese as compared to the two guys! It was like David vs Golliath thing.

Anyway, the big picture is still blurr at this stage. Although I can probably envisage the Big Picture may consist of four major pieces in the puzzle frame. The first piece was the events leading to the March 8 GE. The second piece was more related to the March 8 night and the events that followed. The third piece of the puzzle is comparable to the first 100 days period of the new climate. All these pieces are generally in place. However the question remains on the fouirth and last piece of the puzzle. Will it give a picture of old or new climate? Will it bring hope or despair to the people? Will it become a reality or remain illusionary? We are nowhere near the final draft.

However it woulod be interesting to note that the last pice of the puzzle, although it holds key to the Big Picture is actually the canvass for those events created in the other 3 pieces. If one cares to look closely a few clues have been unravelled along the way. Nothing seemed to be what was apparent on face value. The intrigues are in fact sub plots of a big drama. Nobody dares to guess which way it will end. One thing is certain, nevertheless, it is war time. It is the Winner takes All stage. No turning back. Whoever comes out second best will probably bleed until the last drop of the blood. What a pity it would be if truth does not prevail!

The funny part is the key to the final piece of the puzzle may not be found anywhere in this country. Rather it could be at a far away town at the centre of a continent. Worst still a dead woman could have the final say. At the end of the day it all boils down to lust translated into a three letter word. In this case it is SEX. We shall wait for further clues....