Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Beginning

Hello! This is my first attempt as a new blogger. As the title suggests, this spot will offer my observation on life both as a professional and as a layman wondering where I will be the day after today. The locality of this observation will be 'Bumi Malaysia'.

Yep, sometimes it is amazing to see how things evolve around us contrary to popular beliefs. But that is life. Nothing is so simple as it seems to be. Yet, time and again human will step onto the same path forgetting that what goes around comes around. Boomerang will always return to its base. So how do we move forward being a contrarian? Can being a contrarian mean a better life than being a conventional? But then again as we see so many conventional things lead human to the wrong route or path, could the answer to how to come back to the right route which could ensure eternal success lie in being contrarians.......?

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