Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Kite Runner (Part 1)

Came across this title a few weeks ago. Sounds like a good read i.e. good story with interesting expression. Finally got it as a gift from one of my daughters...the author was Khaled Hosseini.. Its supposed to be based on his life experience way back in 1975 and before, in Afghanistan. I was sort of attracted to the is like saying

' When floating in the air does not really mean total freedom.....'

I like how it satrted...well I have just finished a few pages anyway.... Amir, Hassan, Baba & Ali are the main characters. I somehow managed to visualise and feel the setting. Perhaps it was not much different from the setting where I grew up in about the same time frame. Of course Amir had a better physical surrounding than me and I would probably had better ones than Hassan's.

Both Amir and Hassan lost their mothers almost immediately after they were born though due to different reasons..

Khaled must have been a very creative person; he managed to balance between now and the flashback years; at least up to where I am now.

I hope I could continue sharing my reading experience here...........

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