Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Aftermath & The Days Ahead

A week has now passed since the New Dawn. Lots have been talked about the Tsunami; the shockings, the unbelievable, the gracious gentleman, the sore losers, the analysis, the expert opinions, the new kids on the block, the new partnerships, the unreal expectations...

Of all these, one pertinent point I thought has been missing. While people talked about the roles of the new governments, the new excos, the new cabinets, the new oppositions and even the new main stream media, nobody really taked about the role of the people or rather voters who made their choices loud and clear.

It is fine to agree with the notions or ideas during the campiagn but to really roll up the sleeves and get the hands dirty to ensure those notions and ideas become reality is another ball game all together. From now on, this country needs a new culture to push reform agenda throughout the country. Now it seems the majority wanted change and reform to the way this country is governed. Will the people ever ready to change and reform themselves? People talk about justice and rule of law all the time but is this being practiced in the daily life? I am afraid to say that it is far from this duplicity (for a better word than hypocrite)! Look at the way we conduct ourselves as far as obeying traffic rules is concerned. We double parked, obstructed others, beat the red lights, parked illegally, exceed speed limits, driving recklessly.... we can go on. The point is we do not see this as part of small steps in reform agenda.

Similarly, while we expect to be treated fairly and justly, do we practice this? Did we ever refuse any form of discrimination or happily go along? Or do we talk about justice only when we are the receiving end?

In the light of all these, we should all take stock and consider the following:

1. The Push Factors (created by BN unless stated otherwise)
1. Broken promises on corruption, integrity, transparency
2. Neglect and taking the masses for granted
3. Narrow eye views on the dire state of the people
4. Too much spin doctor manipulating the main stream media
5. Greedy, arrogant, exclusive, irrelevant

2. The Pull Factors (by BR)
1. Promises of a New Dawn - no corruption, more transparent and accountability
2. Better quality of life - lower cost of living
3. Inclusive, consultative
4. Fairer environment for all

3. Things to look at, among others:
1. Set up an effective mechanism for the state and local authorities administration
2. Work towards a better safety and security by enhancing the presence of police force in
the states
3. A better business climate
4. Not to repeat BN's mistakes
5. The YBs to be more accessible and interactive
6. Improve infrastructure system - reduce floods, traffic congestion, enhance communication
(no spin doctors, please)
7. Walk the Talk!

Finally, we the people should pull out all stops to contribute to the new age, new dawn, new culture and new Malaysia!

With that we should move forward and better days are awaiting ahead!

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