Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Kite Runner (Part 4)

Amir in the new world of America. Indeed the unseen bond of love between Amir and his Baba was never more evident although not said in as many words, while they started their lives in the new world. Being together through ups and downs, suddenly Amir has grown up.

Then the hardship became more apparent. Amir suddenly realised his dependent on Baba was not going forever. It will come to an end soonest. But still he was fortunate to at least get the message early. It gave him opportunity to do what he ought to do.

He was at the cross road. The infatuation with Soraya. Love at the first sight! But then again people never learned. Even under those trying circumstances Nang and Namoos never fade. Honor and Pride where class matters. It is another journey for Amir. A journey full ofchalleneges which he should be determined to survive.

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