Saturday, May 31, 2008

Good Bye, My Friend!

It was a normal day until I received a shocking news about my friend R who has passed on to meet with his Creator. I was stunned and shocked. I have not seen him for a while since he came a calling months back. However, just a few days ago I just thought about him. Wondering what he was doing, remembering those days when we could meet up with a phone call. However since he became immobile, these moments were no longer there. I ended up the thot with a prayer that he gets well and telling myself that I would see him soon. Alas! It was not to be. Apparently he left for a minor priligrimage a week ago and would be back next week. It was a journey he was thinking for quite a while and he was very determined to go on that journey. It seemed to be his final journey on this earth. A journey that would leave only memories behind. He was well liked by everbody I know for he was kind hearted who never failed a friend. I knew for a fact that he put his friends even before his family at times. But the main thing is he was also loved by his creator for his kindness. I guess it was this kindness that brought him to his Creator in the Holy Land. He could not be closer to the good before he was called on. My friend, you will be remembered in more ways than one. May your soul be blessed and showered with the best as what you showered those around you. May you rest in the company of the best people. Amen!

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Mohd. Faiz said...

Am sorry to hear that my fren. Take a good care of yrself.

Now Tell me, is Dato in good or bad mood after the BOD meeting?