Monday, June 16, 2008

Personal v Professional

It was rather sad these days to see many people in the 'professional' line could not differentiate between personal interest and professional interest. Most think that since they work in certain professions, they thought they are professionals realising very little the true meaning of professionalism. How often these days one hears about top management of an organisation or a corporate body making decision based on other than professionalism. In trying to justify their personal actions they would resort to all sorts of dirty tricks at their disposal without really feeling any remorse. These people become an arrogant lot. They thought the trust and responsibility given to them is a licence to do anything they like and they wish without being accountable. As a result those unfortunate people who were at the wrong place at the wrong time would suffer.

Why can't people be honest and do the right thing professionally? Is it because of incompetence, lack of knowledge or fear of own weaknesses? Or is it the fear of own shadow? But then again, if one is above board and beyond reproach what is there to be fear of the shadow? Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in between. Go and figure it out!

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