Saturday, August 23, 2008

Time Flew

Indeed, it is now coming to almost a month since my last entry. It has been rather topsy turvy with many events taking place around the country. It was rather a fast turn for me. One week of a break from work routine just flew like a javeline thrown at the Beijing 2008 Olympics. With the new season of BPL kicking off last week it was rather hectic.

Nevertheless, thank God that I managed to find some solitude full of quality time for bonding with people around me. In particular with the elder boy who has been busy himself with his school commitments. The joy shown on his face was a triple joy for me to savour though he did not say as much. It was a good trip like to find 'Damai'. I wished I had more time there...

It was also the time for me to catch up with my old parents. They were rather surprised to see us all arrived unannounced at their door steps. It was another pleasure to me to be able to bring similar joys to them after the last trip. With works piling up, I am not sure when I could repeat these trips.

At the end of the day it was one of those rarest occasions when I had let go off almost everything and focus only on those dearest around me.

Thanks guys, I love u all!

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