Friday, June 03, 2011

Another Chance

Often times, one would beg for another chance when he or she realizes that the current chance is not going to give the desired results. Some people do get another chance while others may not be lucky to have another bite at the cheery. For instance, in the education system, one has to go through several examinations. Most are minors while others are majors and could be life turning points. Because of these exams, some dropped off while others took off. In any case many do not recognize the fact that all these are stop points for one to reflect. These are milestones in life if the missed chances of the previous phases are used to improve and prepare for the next chance. It does not matter what it takes to prepare one self. There are many rags to riches stories whereby one fall propelled to greatness in life.

Having gone through many phases of failures with one success in the end may make one to take things for granted. Yes, all the missed chances are easily forgotten once one managed to succeed given the time. It is like in a football game, a striker may shoot at the goal many times. Eventually he manages to make one count and the team wins the match. Unfortunately, getting so many chances is only relevant as long as one is alive. We only have one life to live in this world no matter what people may say about cats having nine lives or what. The question is which one of our chances can be considered another chance or even the last chance? Unless and until we turn every single another chance in life as the last chance we may not even have time to regret. The bottom line is therefore to be mindful of life, cherish God given gifts, be thankful and grateful to Him and be the best person who can be real benefits to others like a candle in the darkness of night!

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