Saturday, June 11, 2011

Twisted Mind

It is fascinating to see that sometimes people twist and turn in times of uncertain excitement. When one's mind has been twisted, nothing is logical anymore. Logical in its true sense. Of course its logical to the twisted mind. An example, A hates B for being B for a long time. A wanted B to become like A and not being a dogmatic B. B was hit left, right and centre. B was smashed with no mercy. Then suddenly B wants to move forward and becomes better. B overhauled himself and becomes a better B who is liked by many more people than before. Now, A does not like this new B either. A is now saying B is out of his mind for not being the real or original B. B has diverted so much and has abandoned his original principle. A is telling everyone who cares to listen and to believe that B is now being influenced by others. What the heck? Suddenly A cares so much for B and his team members. The truth is B has improved so much that he is now probably better prepared to better A anytime. A is playing a reverse psychology or sorts but too bad nobody will take the bite. It is a sad sign of a twisted mind in action.

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