Thursday, February 21, 2008

Exceptional Day

It was indeed and exceptional day for me. I receievd a friend as a visitor to my office after a period of about 8 months not being together. He was one of my buddies...for teh tarik, thosai or whatever. He was a guy who has lived his life to the max. He was a friend who is ever willing to oblige to others around him for whatever reason. In many instances I knew, he was hard done by. But he only confided rather than complained. He was a very happy man and only happiness surrounded him.

Yes, that was until about 7 months ago. He suffered a mild stroke. The day I got to know about it, I rushed to the Hospital where he was being treated. Alas, he was discharged that very morning. Then I was told he was recuperating at home and preferred a quiet time. I would understand. My text was not answered. So, I gave him moretime. Then the second attack. It was worst. I kept in touch through his office - the boss was his best buddy. He went through emotional fluctuation, I was told. At the risk of aggravating his suffering I hold back. I knew he would not be able to hold back anything the moment we meet.

Then I was told by my assistance that he was seeking an appointment with me! Whoa...yes I will be available whenever he is. So the day came. From a healthy man, he is now bigger in spirit than in person. I expected that he would be affected by the strokes but seeing is believeing. As I said, I was not used to seeing him in this situation. He could not come up to my office with a few flights of staircase. I came down.

I was happy to see him and even happier to see him happy. We traded jokes as usual, sharing his experience the past seven months. Even in that situation he kept coming back to talking about works in the office which I told him not too worry so much. It was so much fun. It was one of the best days in my working life, in the office. His wife told me how he was looking forward to the trip - 45 minutes one way from his house - and made her to get the best pair of trouser and shirt. He has been asking her to take him to see me many times. I was touched and moved. It was a time for so many lessons. I will have to go back and peel off layer by layer. Anyway, R, please know that you are never forgotten. You will always be there.

You are a strong person. I pray that you will only get better. After one and half hours, it was time for him to get his rest - after all he skipped his schedule appointment and treatment for the day. We shook hands many times. I took him and sat him in the car. After the last touch he did look at my face. I knew he was happy but also sad. So did I.

It was really an Exceptional Day -20022008. If ever there was a wish, it would be for his speedy recovery.

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