Monday, February 25, 2008

What A Weekend!

Indeed it was a very hectic week. However, the weekend was an experience hard to forget. Why not, it was like a dream comes true, though not many were aware of the significance. I was with a big group spending time at an island resort. Ofcourse it was originally all about work. So, worked we did! But, alas! The leader had something else in mind. Work was not all that occupied his grey matter. He had other plans in place. Only he did not disclose to spoil the mood.

Anyway, it was a worthy effort preparing for the event. The journey was also interesting. It was even better the return journey. The greetings from the gang on arrival was simply magnificient. They were all ready. The eldest with a home cook a'la Jaime Oliver - lemon laced oven roast chicken that comes with the necessities. Dinner was simple yet meaningful. The second one came up with something from the internet or book or whatever. But it was really tasty - strawberry yoghurt! And refreshing too!

And to top that up, the cards and the wrappers had to be attended to. Mmmmm, apparently my girls thot I was too typical. A few colour shirts come my way to step out of the ordinary! And of course The Mug....To all, with all my love, thank you very much! It was indeed a memorable milestone when u have all these happenings on your birthday!

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