Monday, February 25, 2008

The Kite Runner (Part 2)

Things were beginning to happen. I tgought Amir was a very intelligent boy belied his age. So too Hassan. Of course they did not really understand the meaning of what they did. How could they, being so young? Yet, that was the beauty of it all. It was the manifestation of honesty, trust, loyalty in the most genuine manner. It was so realistic and balanced. No over drama, over acting or what. It was almost like a fact.

For Hassan to stand up for Amir no matter what, was indeed the value of innocence. For Hassan, it was probably an honour for him to act in that manner. Just like a soldier willing to put his or her life in defence and in honour of the beloved country.

For Amir, the betrayal to Hassan's loyalty was a price he had to pay..perhaps for the rest of his life. His insomnia cannot be traded with money that his Baba had.

It was also a peek to the life of the rich in post trouble Afghanistan. Perhaps considering whisky as chai or gahwa was only a tip of the iceberg of the rich and famous. When Islam was mocked by people like Baba or for that matter even Rahim Khan, could we simply blame the Taliban?

To date, it was really touching and moving. I cant wait to discover

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