Thursday, March 06, 2008

Its Not Politics!

With cricket not being a popular sport in Malaysia, nobody would know much about its not cricket! So, what is it, when its not politics? With a day or so before the campaign blackout many people are showing their true colours. Those who openly declared being politicians of course have no problem dealing with anything politics. But what about others like lecturers, ceos, ngos, artists? This is like an open season for them. To me these people are opportunits who just want to 'bodek'. Poor souls! They thought other people are so naive like them. Of course politicians being the mother of opportunists will not hesitate to grab the fruits of other people's labour. But do not put too much hope that they will reciprocate in deeds.

At the start of the campaign everybody wanted to be a gentleman - some even said not to get emotional and don't attack personal. How noble! Of course its the principles and policy that should get the attention. Unfortunately most politicians and political parties in this country are never professional persons and groups. So, the home stretch is full of one sided personal attacks. Pots calling kettles black! How pathetic. A few of these people were really failed politicians. They were so nice or naive to become a politician withouit knowing really what was waiting for them. They could not face and handle the situations and tried to find scapegoats. They never see that they were also different when they were in politics. As if it is a big sin if a politician change his/her views on the world as he/she matures and as the world getting older!

Another often used line for most politicians especially the incumbents is that they still have works to do after may be the last two or even three terms! What a lot of bull! They now have more plans than the previous term. Why didn't they do it then? Its always like things will be better, greater and whatever comes the next chance. In fact these people should be given the boot, first!

Indeed, its not politics. Rather it is full of hate, hatred, jelousy, revenge et al. It is no longer a fair game when the rules are changed when the game is in progress. The goal post moves sideways or even upwards. The penalty box becomes smaller and you can't score from outside the box. I really do hope something better will come out of this GE. 9th March 2008 should bring along a new dawn, however one wants to interprate it. Otherwise there will never be another good opportunity forMalaysia to be a great nation once again!

We need the Change & Lets Do It!

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