Sunday, March 09, 2008

A New Dawn

What a momentous day it was, yesterday- 090308- It was energy sapped day and evening. It was like once in fifty years occasion. But it was worth the wait.

I could see it coming but not to this extent. It is indeed a very heavy price to pay for selfish, self centred, ignorance and arrogance. It was bitter to those who had to swallow the pills. Gone were the pride, image, self value. It would be even worst. It is not the end to some but it should be a new start to the othere. A new start for humility, humbleness, genuine, sincerity and all the good values one could think of. The people spoke and it was in no uncertain term. The message was clear - dont take us for granted; dont think we are stupid; dont think we are blind; and dont dare us too often.

So with the new beginning it should be for the better of the nation and the people. Then only the word could ring true - by the pople for the people!

Lets Do it Even Better!

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