Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Practice

Since I had the chance to watch The Firm, a movie based on Grisham's title, anything on legal drama excites me. So, when The Practice made to this shore's airwaves, it was very refreshing indeed. So hooked I was, my Wednesday night was never the same again. Its The Practice night. I tried to avoid anything on the night so that I could settle in front of the small screen watching Bobby O'Donnel, Lindsay, Eleanor, Eugene, Jimmy locked horns with the prosecutors in the court rooms and some times in other rooms.

One thing that amazed me was to see how passionate the actors were in delivering their lines. Of course the scripts and storylines were consistently excellent. At times Bobby tried too hard it became less real. Lindsay was the emotional one though she was very good as a lawyer. Jimmy was always the quiet one. It was a sad case for Jimmy who seemed to be not up to the mark as compared to the others being the partners.

The chemistry between the characters was well planned especially with Bobby, being the main character. Indeed it was another successful drama portraying part of American way of life. A few judges were simply outstanding. I learned a lot from these people.

It was sad that the series had to end.....though another excellent series took over... Boston Legal!

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