Monday, March 10, 2008

The Kite Runner - Epilogue

Khaled Hosseini was really magnificient in authoring the book. It may be his first published but the balance between fiction and reality was so even they could have been separated by a strand of hair split into seven parts. If ever that was, I did not realise.

For me it was a good learn on Afghanistan. The sdie which I did not know before. It is hard to phatom why but it was definitely not impossible to undertstand. Taliban was perhaps undone by overzealousness in moving from one end to another side it ended being too extreme. It was when man behaves worst than animals. In the end justice prevail, never mind how. One thing is clear, the afghans had a jolly good time like many other places in the world before they were befallen by their onw-made calamities. Not only once or twice but .... many times over. Perhaps the root is clear - they strayed from the Right Path.

Thank you Khaled Hosseini! I shall be looking for your next one...A Thousand Splendid Suns.

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l'├ę said...

Salam Sir, :)

I have followed most of your reviews about the book entitled "The Kite Runner", which was magnificently-written by Khaled Hosseini, and not only I was fascinated by the plot of the story, but i was also interested in the way you elaborated the story (though almost 90% based on the book), but you can really write your own reviews on the stories well. Well, i mean, i can write my personal reviews on certain storybooks, yet not as compelling as yours.

Maybe you should try out and write to the local papers someday. Who knows, you might be a renowned and one of the most sought-after columnists in the future, insha-Allah.

Again, i enjoyed reading most of your posts, but i did not read the ones involving politics,as my knowledge
and my experience in the world of politics are still not that deep.

Hope that you'll continue writing more stories sir, :)
and sorry for the long comment...