Sunday, April 06, 2008

Fun Filled Weeks

Indeed, it has been quite fun to watch the drama unfolding. On the one hand you have a group of people or loyalist trying to pull together. On the other hand you have an old horse full of vengeance. What a shame really when you have a kettle calling a pot black. This old man was so powerful in his time that no one dared to challenge him. He would surely find ways and means to not only put that person(s) in the cold. He would destroy them. Now he is saying that his predecessor is doing what he did and he did not like it! Talking about tasting one's own medicine. There could not have been a better example.

He was just ranting this and that, like no end. Poor soul! He is now so desparate he creates problems for others. What a pity but then again you can only plan and do certain things while the ultimate planner is watching and only intervenes as necessary. I guess it is now payback time!

On the issues unfolding, there are so many people want to give their two sen worth! Some of them are now trying to be too clever by saying things they should have said earlier, not now. Its too shallow these people. But then again the world is full of actors and opportunists.

Some of them are still in denial mood and would not learn whatever lessons thrown at them. They are just waiting to be swallowed by the earth..

Keep watching..I guess there will be many more interesting things coming up!

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Mohd. Faiz said...

I happen to like this old man a lot! He love his country so much and hate to see his predecessor undo everything he has done.

Pot calling the kettle black, hmmmm obviously he did not look at the man in the mirror during his tenure. If not, he wud've act otherwise or worse... he cud still be inthe office ha ha

When are we starting our little project brother??