Monday, April 07, 2008

Love (2)

Time is Gold, Diamond is forever; Forever also refers to time. So, Time is also Diamond? Anyway, it just goes to show how precious time is. It is indeed undescribable. I mean if one loses a piece of gold the person can always get another piece as a replacement so long as he or she can afford it. Ofcourse the sentimental value is not the same. But can one do the same thing with regards to time? No way, Jose! Even the richest man in the world or even universe could not possibly buy time to replace the lost one, not even a second. This is because time is equivalent to one's age. One cannot replace childhood time with any other time. Time, being one's age is part of one's life, like it or not. Its very precious.

So, it seems, the manifestation of love really is to give one's most precious valuable to the one who feels in love with. What is more valuable other than time? Indeed, a person could shower a loved one with gifts and everything but it is less significant if one never spend own time as part of it. I mean those gifts can be ordered through a third party and arranged for the delivery. Of course it could make one's happy but it is far from being a manifestation of love.

Take an example, a rich father may give almost everything his son wants except time. Studies have shown how this would influence the child later in his life. It is even worst if the father is never there when he is needed, be it for a birthday party, a school activity or even a game on the field. Similarly, a rich mother in her twilight years may not need any material thing from her kids but a few minutes to spare; to talk, to reminisce, to feel the presence and most of all to be loved. One can always profess how much he or she loves a person but without giving the most precious part of his or her life i.e. time, the love will almost mean nothing. Indeed themanifestation of love is really by giving time to the loved ones when it is needed most!

Love is many splendid things but the main reason for a person who believes in a particular faith and practices his or her belief is called a devotee is because of his or her devotion in giving away his or her time through the various deeds and even sacrifices! That would be d ultimate manifestation................


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White Eagle said...

Thank you celular. I just managed to check my blog after trying so hard to get through. Some how accesibility is a problem around my place. Anyway, I will surely keep my blog moving so long as I can find time and accessibility. Thanks for the support :-)