Thursday, May 22, 2008

Boston Legal

If you are keen on legal drama but on the lighter side, this tv series is a good one to consider. It has all the ingredients of American Way of life. I mean we all know how litigatious the Americans are. They just find anything to start a litigation or civil suits. So a legal firm becomes the focus, in this case, it is Crane, Poole and Smitch. The pratagonist is Denny Crane, one of the partners. Poole is rather quite while Shirley Smitch is the moderator bringing the feminine influence. Denny's close friend is Alan Shore, a real character. In most of the series Alan Shore is considered the brain behind the cases especially those in the court room drama. The original supporting cast included Brad who ended up marrying Denise, Clarence who becomes Clarice after hours, Jimmy the eccentric and a few others from time to time.

Then you have a group of judges who can be unique in each own way. Throw in a few baddies to be defended by the team from CPS together with a few arrogant DAs then you really have some entertaining shows.

What I like most about the show is that issues raised in each episode are very relevant to day to day life of an ordinary american citizen. As a result the legal arguments put forth by each side are almost surreal. For me it is almost like a revision of chapters from legal text. It is always inspiring and a good way to motivate and get refreshed especially when you see how these lawyers work in a professional way most of the time but struggle to escape from emotional attachment when the subject matter is closed to their hearts. Of course there were a few episodes which were rather memorable made possible by the good acting overall.

The chemistry between Denny Crane an Alan Shore could not have been better. For good measure each episodes ends with these two main characters sitting on Denny Crane's office balcony with a glass of champagne in one hand while a good cigar in another reflecting on the day gone by! It is indeed a very good series which has run for four seasosns. One really has to keep track to follow the case since it is not readily available on local channels....

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