Friday, May 16, 2008

The Reluctant Fundamentalist - Epilogue

I am not sure how the critics considered this book as 'more exciting than any thriller' (Philip Pullman) or 'admirably spare and amazingly exciting' (Rachel Cooke, New Statesman). I may be bias but the story was rather ordinary except for the way it was presented, in a flashback technic. Just like when one's mother would relate a family story, except in this case it was related to a stranger - with no name. The experience Changez went through was not dissimilar than many who took the same journey. A journey undertaken at a relatively young age when one is bound to discover many new things in life. In this case, it was a discovery of Princeton, Underwood Samson & Company and Erica. The disenchantment experienced by Changez with Erica and Americain general was nothing new regardless of 9/11. A person who grew up in one culture then moved to another culture would definitely feel the conflict. It is the challenge in managing this conflict will make one becomes either a steel or a plasticine!

Indeed, to me the true reason for the meeting between Changez and that American did not become abundantly clear at all............

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