Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sweat Weekend!

Arghhh! What a fun weekend it was. The days passed really quickly. Yes, it was just like any other weekend but it wasn't. Not when I had extra time to spare with my youngest son going around in the old beaten up car looking for a place to do a make over. The old M is now close to 30 years old. I thought a treatment of sort is in order. But alas! The guy at the workshop wanted to con me. Huhh....its tough. We walked away shaking our heads considering the deal. Never mind we will continue looking for the right deal. We picked out our badminton rackets and gave a few hits for a sweat...

It was indeed a nice catching up game. It was one of those days when a little quality time is all that you need to brighten things up and to feel close to your loved ones!

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