Saturday, June 28, 2008

100 Days of Ding Dong

When the sun rose on 9th March 2008, it was like a new dawn with rays of hope. Indeed some hopes are higher than others but still many were hoping for better life. This kind of hope is still there, nevertheless. However the earlier optimism is slowly diminishing withthe kind of ding dong and flip flop being shown. I am talking about the 4 PR governed states. Yes it was not easy to come and occupies the vacant sits with the little experience in governing. It was a very steep learning curve if success were to be gained over nights... This is quite understandable. However the basic element of being together among the PR components that is communicating with each other is obviously not resolved. You still get an excited member easily pronounced about certain things without proper communication internally. Then the oethers had to back pedalled. Then you also have a top guy happily says things on top of his head giving an impression that every action/decision he makes should be told to the Rakyat. He is then seen like another flip flop legend. The question is why can a proper mechanism be put in place to avoid opening your backside to be whacked. This is knowing that there are so many out there who want to see the backside whacked left, right and centre.

Unless the lessons are learned, and learned fast, weakenesses identified and strengthened, gaps closed and rectified, life will be tougher for the next whatever remaining of the 363 x 5 days term to the next election! It is sad that with all the hopes, some PR government seems to fall in the same trap befallen the previous BN governments. While the intention may be good or all done in good faith, the art of governing is far from satisfactory. But then again that is the challenge that we ought to face and overcome. Here hoping that things will only get better!

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