Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Insider

It was a movie I came across while browsing for the latest news on the satellite channels. It was based on a true story with addition for dramatic effect. It is basically a story of a Head of Research unit of a Big Corporation in the US who was sacked for standing up. He did not want to compromise his belief and principle which he thought was crucial to human health and life. He went through hell! Even his wife left him for not being able to cope and support him.

Of course he found a person who also shared the same principle on life. The principle on integrity, accountability and responsibility. These people were prepared to go against the tide and gave away everything. Indeed they finally triumphed in their life although it was not easy. I am sure they were satisfied with the outcome of their battle for the cause that they believed in in spite of the sacrifices they had to make.

It was almost a prophetic coincidence for the show to be aired today, in the light of the most recent events in this country. The extent of challenges and tribulations people who hold onto noble principles are being unravelled for all to see. To most people it may be hard to swallow but to these selected few, it is their destiny to serve the humanity no matter the price they have to pay. I wonder what is in their heart and soul that sets them apart from the ordinary and mere mortal.

BTW, I thought Russell Crowe and Al Pacino did very well in the film version of the real Insider!

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