Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Innocent Man - Part 2

When I first started reading the book, I was a little bit aprehensive on how Grisham was going to prtray a real life story into his trade mark novel. It was indeed very slow moving at first but it became like a fiction thriller as you progress with the chapters. What amazed me was the way Grisham handled the various scenarios in real life into a very smooth transition of chapters in the book. You would not really feel that you were reading a real life story. Such a writing skill!

Anyway, it was also disturbing to see the way things were unfolding at the litlle town of ADA. It was anything but fairness, reasonableness and compassion. It was indeed a situation when no one should be subjected to. But then again, it was no different to those happening at many other places in the world, this country included. It is a case when people act at their own whim and fancy for the sake of getting things done.

It is a sad world indeed when the halpless was continuously ignored and abused. When a human being is treated worst than animal. When a person moving to a danger being pushed further and closer to the danger! What kind of human would do such a thing, one wonders! It is a sad state of any society which would allow this; when people close their eyes or look at the other directions. It was red herring in full action. At the end of the day the real victim did not get the justice he or she really deserved!

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