Sunday, July 06, 2008

What Fed Up?

It was rather sickening to read about a few people who think they are so important in other people's life, saying they are getting fed up with the current political situation in this country now. They wanted to go on strike! They do not want to blog anymore on the two hottest issues being played out now. They wanted to shutdown on people who talk about these two issues. All this while they were supposed to provide an alternative views and now they are complaining! Go to hell! By all means go on strike, shut down others views and go and kick a cat if that makes you guys happy. So what? Who ae you to dictate other peoples life?

Anyway, these people say they are fed up with the politicians actions. Did they ever think of those people affected by the allegations? Their families, friends and relatives? For the past ten years I do not think these jokers can get anywhere near to understand what these 'victims' went though. In the excitement to getting fed up, they forgot the real issue here. The issue of credibility. Why only question one side not both sides? Why the gun is only trained on one target not both? I am sure there are people who wanted this kind of situation to happen i.e. to divert the real issue.

It is a mess indeed but did any of these fed up guys ever ask the question, who started it all?

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