Monday, September 15, 2008

Fast Food Outlet

I went to a Fast Food Outlet (FFO) the other night with my son. This FFO is supposed to be a well known brand including delivey services. The crowd was not big at the counter but as usual customers will always have to queue up to get a bite of whatever being served. Anyway, the service lane which wewere in was rather slow moving. I was not sure why but perhaps it was due to the undecided customers.

After a few minutes inside the FFO, I realised that the room was quite warm. I was wondering whether it was just me being hot blooded. Anyway, as time passed by I also noticed that the guy manning the counter was sweating with sweat beads all over his face. It must be terribly hot for them being close to the kitchen, Anyway when it was my turn to be served I just asked him why it was so warm. His answer shocked me as it was normal to them. How inconvenienced for them to work under such a condition. He replied that nothing they could do other than bear with the situation. I thought it was rather pathetic for the management of that FFO to provide that kind of working condition. While many would think that it was too bad for the crew, I think the customers ought to really think about the implication of those condition on the hygene of the food being served. I mean the fact that sweat beads could be seen was as good as the sweat beads could fall onto the food. For those being wrapped it might be ok. What about those being served exposed?

It is indeed unacceptable for the company to operate this way. If it is their policy not to take care of the staff welfare then I am afraid whatever profit they make is as good as obscene!

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