Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spinning Ride

It has been a rather hectic and spinning ride the past few weeks. I did not even had a chance to post an entry. So many happenings around - personal, professiona, national and even international. It is like happening season how each is related to the other - almost contagous!

This was supposed to be a month full of self reflection and attainment. A month where the faithful would seize every opportunity to pile up the good deeds as part of investments for future. Yet the way things are unravelling I wonder whether many faithfuls would have the opportunity.

The Olympics has come and gone. There were a few memorable events - both goods and bads. I supposed the Phelps story is one of the highlights other than the lightning Bolt stamping his mark! On the other hand the dropped battons are the lowlights, if I may say so. However perhaps the most touching one was about the 200m runner who finished last of the last. It was indeed a real human story - other than those poor chinese who had to make way for the athletes glories! It is a fact nobody can deny - life is only fair to the haves and never be to the havenots no matter how one choose to see it!

Some people may get excited with a lot of anticipation but the irony is life is gloomier by the day!

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