Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Appeal - John Grisham

'The jury was ready.

After forty-two hours of deliberations that followed seventy-one days of trial that included 530 hours of testimony from four dozen witnesses, and after a lifetime of sitting silently as the lawyers haggled and the judge lectured and the spectators watched like hawks for telltale signs, the jury was ready. Locked away in the jury room, secluded and secure, ten of them proudly signed their names to the verdict while the other two pouted in their corners, detached and miserable in their dissension. There were hugs and smiles and no small measure of self congratulation because they had survived this little war and could now march proudly back into the arena with a decision they had rescued through sheer determination and the dogged pursuit of compromise. The ordeal was over; their civic duty complete. They had served above and beyond. They were ready'

'The Appeal is a powerful, timely and shocking story of political and legal intrigue, a story that will leave readers unable to think about our political process or judicial system in quite the same way ever again'

'Politics has always been a dirty game. Now justice is, too.'

A very interesting insight to get one to read more. Those were excerpts from the book. Another excellent piece from Grisham.

In summary "When and if a second chance is deserved".

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