Saturday, April 11, 2009


Its rather amazing what a man (or woman for that matter) would do to achieve a goal. We must have met with many men/women who would do unthinkable things in our life. For instance a person can pretend to be an honest living creature while at the same time being gullible enough to deceive people. We have heard how a person can get rich quickly without sweat and pain only to find later that he is a victim of a scam. Similarly there have been many cases of people trying to get cheap luxury cars since those selling have connections. You can name any product you want - car, maid services, fast money, health products and in some instances even happiness - which have been promised but never really fulfilled. Yet time and again these stories repeat themselves. The trouble is the victims are not only limited to only a certain segment of the society but almost all segments. I personally find it rather amusing that even people recognised as with high intellectual capability are also among the statistics. Really, these people only have themselves to be blamed for their own foolishness. In fact these people are deceived by their own greed through people smart enough to exploit it. I would not blame the mean/tool in this case.

So, coming back to honesty, I wonder whether one can still find a good value in today's life. Everywhere we look it seems honesty has become a cover to other things in life. Honesty has been reduced to mere skin - not even a cover! Peel it off and one can see the real value of honesty. Sad...

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