Monday, March 10, 2008

The Kite Runner (Part 5)

Baba did his last task for Amir. Their life changed with Soraya's presence. It was the most beautiful period for Amir in spite of the grief.

He soon faced another challenge. But non-too serious until the call from Rahim Khan. The second phase of the journey towards discovery and redemption began. It was a process that Amir had to go through. He soon learned what I have thought all along. All the reasons between him and Baba. The missing links and the dotted lines with Ali and Hassan. There was Farid and his family. The true value of honoring a guest. The revisit, the despicable finding and the deadliest encounter. Sohrab the saviour. The trust and betrayal one after another. The determination, the ultimate price to pay.

The return journey, hope, acceptance and more pain. The patience and the unfailing effort to make it happen. The search for happiness from an empty space. The unspoken love. Finally the rise of a new hope for being a Kite Runner!

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