Friday, May 16, 2008


Every now and then one may ask what friendship is all about. Some may see this as being once companion in time of need. Companion in the sense of a shoulder to cry, an ear to listen and probably a source for a piece of advice. More often than not one may face a situation when many friends will be there when the weather is fair. When the times are rough, not many people will stand the test of friendship. This is quite common in terms of political interest. A powerful politician will have so many friends that he or she can float in the air from the firends aura. The moment he or she loses the political power then most of the friends will disappear if not all. Worst still nobody want to be associated with him or her regardless of the good deeds they had benefited from him or her.

So, the point is one has to be careful in having a friend. A person will be very lucky to have friends who can and will be there when they are needed. Alternatively it will be a nightmare to have friends who can backstab like 'trusting the fence, the fence eats rice'. A wise man says that a good friend is the one who will defend you in your absence!

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Mohd. Faiz said...

I will be there for you Bro. You know my number and I will be running to meet you. Hope we can spend more time together professionally as well as casually