Saturday, July 05, 2008

Big Picture's Puzzle

The Year of the Rat has really been nothing short of excitement! It was rather fitting if one were to look at the current happenings and compare with the famous story of 'Who Moved My Cheese'. It so happened that a pair of rats was also the main protagonist of the story. It demonstrated how the rats were more prepared to face the consequence of losing their cheese as compared to the two guys! It was like David vs Golliath thing.

Anyway, the big picture is still blurr at this stage. Although I can probably envisage the Big Picture may consist of four major pieces in the puzzle frame. The first piece was the events leading to the March 8 GE. The second piece was more related to the March 8 night and the events that followed. The third piece of the puzzle is comparable to the first 100 days period of the new climate. All these pieces are generally in place. However the question remains on the fouirth and last piece of the puzzle. Will it give a picture of old or new climate? Will it bring hope or despair to the people? Will it become a reality or remain illusionary? We are nowhere near the final draft.

However it woulod be interesting to note that the last pice of the puzzle, although it holds key to the Big Picture is actually the canvass for those events created in the other 3 pieces. If one cares to look closely a few clues have been unravelled along the way. Nothing seemed to be what was apparent on face value. The intrigues are in fact sub plots of a big drama. Nobody dares to guess which way it will end. One thing is certain, nevertheless, it is war time. It is the Winner takes All stage. No turning back. Whoever comes out second best will probably bleed until the last drop of the blood. What a pity it would be if truth does not prevail!

The funny part is the key to the final piece of the puzzle may not be found anywhere in this country. Rather it could be at a far away town at the centre of a continent. Worst still a dead woman could have the final say. At the end of the day it all boils down to lust translated into a three letter word. In this case it is SEX. We shall wait for further clues....

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